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Welcome to The Village Vet!

Dr. Burgmeier's office has moved to the Fairfield Area--with easy access Right off of Highway 34.  The Village Vet opened in July of 2011 in small office in the heart of Birmingham, Iowa.  In 2013 we were selected as the Iowa winner of Google's Get Your Business Online.  As part of the honor, we represented Iowa at Google's business conference in Washington, D.C.  Providing clients with excellent quality veterinary medicine, surgery, and chiropractic care for their pets and animals in rural Iowa is something that we find very rewarding!  At The Village Vet we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.  

We Invite you to Come visit us!  
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Mission Statement: 

“To enrich and enhance the lives of our clients, their families and their pets and animals by consistently providing the highest quality, genuine, compassionate veterinary healthcare and education, while maintaining a positive and friendly work environment thereby creating trust and value in our services.”
It is with Great Joy and Excitement that we are proud to announce we have moved!!  
We are now located at 2095 Pine Ave Fairfield, Iowa. 
The new phone number is 641-469-3337!  Give us a Call and  Feel free to stop and see us!