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Routine Examinations and Vaccinations
Traditional and Alternative Veterinary Care
At The Village Vet we offer a variety of services, diagnostics, and products to aid in the prevention and treatment of many common diseases.  Different options are better suited for your pet based on their health status, age, condition, and home environment.  We take pride in knowing that you rely on us to make these decisions with you! We want to be the right prescription for you pet!  We are proud to share these services:
At The Village Vet we have the expertise and experience to perform a variety of emergency procedures, soft tissue surgeries, spays, neuters, elective and orthopedic procedures.   We use only the safest available anesthesia to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients.  

Chiropractic Care
Dr. Burgmeier is certified in veterinary chiropractics by the AVCA.  There are numerous indications for chiropractic care including: a recent change in behavior, a change in work capability, differences in your pet's overall appearance, differences in their gait, lameness, horses showing discomfort being saddled or ridden, stiffness and decreased mobility.  See the top two videos below of a calf before and after being adjusted.  The bottom three video are of German shepherd before, during, and after a series of adjustments

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" --Ben Franklin

Annual Wellness examinations are a critical part of maintaining your pet's long term health and discovering problems as soon as possible.  New puppy and kitten examinations help get your new pet a healthy start in life. 

Routine Vaccinations are recommended for pets based upon their stage of life as well as their disease exposure.  It is best to consult with us about your pet's risk to determine their need for vaccinations.  

After Repair
Chiropractic Examination
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The Village Vet offers both small animal and large animal dentistry.  Dental Care is critical to your pet's preventative health care.  Dental disease can lead to pain, tooth loss and bacterial infections from periodontal disease which can result in damage to the heart and kidneys.  Through professional dental cleaning will help to ensure a longer, healthier life for your pet.  
Calf before being adjusted
Calf after being adjusted
German Shepard before receiving chiropractic work
German Shepard after a few adjustments
German Shepard after a series of adjustments